Friday, June 15, 2012

Front Porch Views

I Love , Love, Love my front porch!

Yes it's too close to the road but my husband lived here before I met him
so there was no choice as this is a family home.

Still I love my front porch.
It is on the north side of the house facing the used to be country road.
When I moved in it was enclosed with screens and was plain ugly.
The small front yard was fenced badly and dogs ran the perimeter creating huge gullies.
I tore it apart and added mushroom soil and plants.

This is an oakleaf hydrangea.
This pic inly shows a tiny bit of the bush I started from a clipping a friend gave me.
I also have a butterfly bush.

It is in full bloom attracting butterflies and humming birds.

I have 2 porch swings, 1 on each end .
East side and west side so choosing is according to sun placement and time of day.
I sit here alot to eat lunch or to read in the evenings.
Sometimes I take a small pillow out on Sundays and nap a little.
Don't tell anyone.
The massive chime is my husbands addition recently.
It's loud and has a constant hum even when the wind is low. I'm not sure I like it.

This is west end, the hydrangeas are massive almost forming a jungle, secluded area.

I use the old refrigerator to store flags and Christmas lights and candles, etc.

I love my red metal chairs. I don't sit there much because the dust created by customers
coming in keeps them covered.

If I'm on my porch, this is usually somewhere around as well!
Usually with a soccer ball on her foot.
Oh well someone has to love her! Hehehehehe!


  1. OMG, I LOVE your front porch! I would have loved to have found an old "farm house" with a big front porch to buy and fix up somewhere along our journey. Didn't happen, but I still fantasize about how great it would be to have a porch just like yours. TWO swings? How good can it get??

    1. 2 swings for east and west ends. You can choose according to sun or shade. I generally choose shade. I m not much on heat or humidity here. I cant wait to move north in a few years.