Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Raining...Ahhhh...

Kinda getting dry around here...
It's been steady and softly raining since early this morning.
A gentle, soaking in, it's a good thing, rain !
Pastures & lawn are sighing with relief.
Blueberries are ripening...yum
Grape vines are full, hopefully I remember to spray in time to keep
rotting fungus from attacking again. If not it's nice shade under the arbor.
Always nice to see LN so serious as she and friend work on fair horticulture crafts.
Here they were making terriums.

Tonight is 2nd night of tryouts for travel soccer.
It may be postponed.

I bought another camper so that would mean I could go pick it up.
My current camper was the 1st we've ever bought.
I didn't know to crawl on the roof and finely inspect it, I took seller at their word.
It leaks so bad the floor is rotting after only few years of 1x a year use at fair.
Apparently it had been in a wreak and roof was patched/repaired wrong. Damaged area was covered with an abutting patch instead of overlapping.
I know now what to look at and for but it was expensive lesson.
New camper to me anyhow was fully inspected. Same setup and size so that suits me and LN fine at fair.
Under 30 ft and no slide outs is a rule for where we camp.
Lots of storage was my requirement. I don't like making 17 mi trip for extra supplies.


  1. Good tips about buying a camper. I'll have to remember to inspect the roof when we come to the point of buying one.

  2. I guess it sees simple like kicking car tires but I never gave it a thought.