Saturday, June 23, 2012

Location, Location, Location

Our barn is 1/4 for business and 3/4 personal space.
I like the way over 20 yrs I've arranged the space to fit each animals needs for the most part.
This is the back of the 100+ yr old barn, formerly a dairy barn. The main wing with the peak showing is the main body of the barn with the 2 sides as a giant loafing shed on the right and a smaller left side containing the store in the front and back here the goat/lamb areas.
This is a better view of the huge loafing shed attached to the main barn, view is from the side and front section where cows get turned out at night. The are you see open in the corner is the steer/heifer pen. To go inside to feed them you enter main barn to right  of tanks and go halfway through and turn left through an old feed stall exiting into 2 foot drop to loafing shed.

This is the door looking back into main barn stall. This is 40 ft deep from back of open sided soth end loafing shed. Now look up above doorway, above my redneck step you see below the drop of the doorway.
Better look at redneck step but wait what's that in front of step? The black droppings?  Go back to the previous picture and look over the door again.

Yep you guessed it right. The barn swallows have retuned to the prime real estate right where I have to enter and exit repeatedly during ther day carrying hay or 100# feed sacks or just to feed animals.
Location, Location, Location!
I have discussed what will happen if they empty on my head but they haven't responded yet.
In other areas, my volunteer vining garden is growing right in cow pen on dirt/gravel entrance.
We moved the gates back to protect plants as best we can. We'll see what grows in this solid rocky area. I chiseled some tomatoes in place in the open areas but it was hard and tough going.

Pumpkins seem to like it though. We'll see...

I also stuffed 2 yellow tomatoe plants in the end of my flower bed where I plant annuals normally.
My regular garden is a bust this year as I need new fencing since it's in horse pasture near 2nd well. There's always next year I guess. 

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  1. Love seeing pictures of your place. That 100 year old barn is a treasure! If we could manage to build a barn (a real barn, not just a shed) on our place . . . well, let's just say it's a fantasy, so far, but having one is a yearning that won't go away.