Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8th and/or 1st

1st day of 8th grade.
She's excited.
Her alarm didn't go off because it wasn't turned on.
Mom to the rescue.
She ate an omelet and bacon.
This is a phenomenon, she doesn't do breakfast.
I made her , she did, she lived.
I realize I don't have a fancy camera but seriously it's not my fault.
It is really foggy.
I'm loving it , on the front porch in my pj's waiting on the bus.
Hidden from view because "I don't need my Mom waiting with me!".
Cept she always says , "Come talk to me ".
Thought this picture was cool with  some of her ewes and ram watching.
We leased a ram from a friend, he's friendly and always wanted petted.
Go breed you brat!
Hard to see but a 6 ft Spiderweb in the Dogwood tree.
There are ground webs behind it and all over front lawn.
Spooky , scary in time for fall.

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