Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

LN & I drove through poring rain today returning from her soccer tournament.
In the poring rain. Low visability from DC to home.
I had to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
The bridges were built in 1952 and 1972? I believe.
This shows east bound original bridge spanning 4.3 miles across the bay.
There are only a few places to cross to our peninsula of Del-Mar-Va.
It crosses at Annapolis and Kent Island and is crazy at commute times M-F shuttling to DC/Baltimore areas.
It is scary to cross for some but LN & I think it's cool.
Course that's only if there's no traffic congestion at the $10.50 toll on west to eastbound side.
We're lucky in that most events we cross for are going opposite "tourist" heading to vaca time "on the shore".
We head west as they head east on Friday evenings and back east as they return west for work prep Sunday evening.
I get excited when I hit the bridge.
It's about 1 hour home and country roads sooner than that.
I had to take 6 lane 495 around DC to soccer tourn and back.
I figured (I don't GPS, I print out mapqwest) if I took 495N over, I should return on 495S.
Wrong, S took me long way around south side past toll bridge on Potomac river w view up to Washington memorial and Capitol building.
I should have used 495E , which goes between DC and Baltimore.
Mistake of 30-45 min. but I knew how to finish at least.
Turning around would have been longer so we "sceniced" it.
Let's just say I don't do urban/city driving well.
My friend, LN's teammate's Mom is the opposite.
As we drove between 2 sites of games we were in ritzy polo horse country on back roads.
She said she feels unsure and wary, like she can't see civilization.
I was happy to end up at polo fields for games beside a horse pasture.
I will admit I liked the Marriott hotel king size bed I shared w LN though.
Nice to have a bit of fancy to break up the monotony, right?

Tournament was a bust.
Bad all around except 1st game.
Not sure what to do but I definitely don't want to post about it.
I reek of competitiveness.
Home again, home again!!!

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