Sunday, August 5, 2012

Feels Good

Goats are all gone to see new boyfriends...
Yea feels good...
Sneaky little witches don't stay where they are put.
I have a month of no "Crap where are they now" days and nights.
I didn't think this years (born in January) doe kids should be bred but S won't listen to me.
They are farmed out and see if they breed at all and watch them in late Dec and Jan to avoid issues.
Of course he won't be out there.
It's frustrating to have all responsibility for life and death but no say in the matter.
He has no say in sheep or cows though.
We only have goats because he wants them.

My kids say unless I'm willing to make change ie. the big d then I can't complain.
Dang brats are wiser than their Mama.

Unfortunately looks like 2nd attempt to breed Aggie the 2 yr old cow were unsuccessful.
Diamond and Gemstone seem to be caught though a blood test will confirm such.
Steer is sold and goes to butcher on 28th.
Weather may go into my freezer or to sale.

It s that time of year again. Time to reproduce and restock.

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