Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 13th

My  baby turned into a teenager on the 15th.
What a ham around cameras.
She was  treated to a shopping spree at the beach outlets for her present.
The beach was overcast and a storm blew in when we went into Rehoboth to kill an hour or so.
It was hilarious to watch "tourist" run as soon as 1st raindrops fell.
I was laughing but LN said it was rude so I did it quietly ;}
She had busted my wallet after taking a peek inside.
She took advantage of it too.
Some clothes, socks and a book!
She isn't a reader much to my dismay but she will find a book to eek out a few pages at a time.
Her Mama is a book a day if she can get away with it though.
I have/had quite a collection of books since childhood.
I am purging though.
Mostly read my kindle now ( free downloads only) and still visit library some.
I have Elsie Dinsmore series from early 1900's that I'm thinking of selling.
Sad to say none of my 5 (stepsons included) care about them.
I wonder why I hold onto stuff ?
When (not if) I move I'll have to purge so why not start now?

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