Friday, August 24, 2012

Lemon Cookies

This weekend LN & I head to soccer tournament in Maryland.
Because she has a 7:00am field time ea day and its over 2 hours away from here I rented a hotel room for Fri and Sat nights. She loves to stay in hotels, my wallet doesn't.
The next sleep away tournament in PA we 're staying in a camper with another teammate and her Mom.
Much more affordable.
But I digress...

Because we are not going to be home to help with the food booth LN's 4-H club has Sat.
I made Lemon Cookies as her contribution.

Everyone does a chocolate "something" so I try to give something "lighter"?
Or maybe less prone to melt in sun if booth has a hot day.

There are 4 ingredients as shown.
Beat 1 egg, mix in box of lemon cake mix (sue me, its fast and cheap) and 8 oz of Cool Whip (again shhh).
Drop tablespoon of dough into powdered sugar , roll to coat.
Put on parchment lined cookie sheet (very important, they'll stick horribly if not).
Bake 350* for 12-15 min.

Great in the summer with a glass of ice cold raw milk ;]
or in the winter with a hot cup of tea!

I used small ice cream scoop to portion cookies but I have a horrible time with the sticky mixture
so I have a mess everytime I try this.
Hope you have better luck if you try these yummy morsels.

Yea I know, homemade is better, healthier and etc.
I live in the real world.
I do healthy, homemade or do without alot but I am realistic too.

 I also made pasta salad and hard boiled eggs to take with us along to tournament with drinks and snacks , and sandwich fixings to lighten the cost as well as eat better than buying at take outs or restaurants.
There is hope for me yet.

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