Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hollow's Eve

LN  made her costume.
She helped her 4-H club decorate and pass out candy at a local high school.
Can you guess what she is?
Hmmmm ?
Any guesses?
I'll tell you later, think about it.
One of the administrators at the school had a cool get up.
I'm told it's from Lord of the Rings.
I've never seen it so you be the judge .
I just thought it was cool, his hat hit the ceilings in some hallways.
Lots of kids came, lots were overwhelmed.
Lots of parents are moochers in my opinion.
Tons pushed their 2 or 3 yr olds at LN telling them to "get your candy"
whether the child was comfortable or not.
When I was young we only trick or treated 1 time.
We were religious (think sect of Amish almost) so it was not allowed.
The one yr we went to family and friends house and made conversation and had snacks
and it was fun and friendly not a "grab fest" like it has become.
Our club was on it's 3rd - 5 gallon bucket of candy when we left.
I was disappointed in parents in general tonight.
LN was surprised at rudeness of them as well.
In other randomness...
LN walked her steer calf yesterday after Sandy had passed.
Proof it was not much of a storm here. She should be sliding in mud.
Baby Bones walked fine for her despite being turned out and not messed with much since Aug 1st.
Time to get back at it and time to wean him.
Let the screaming begin ... soon but not today ;/
Soon though...

This is about all the mess Sandy left.
Both our trucks were plastered with lots of tiny leave pieces.
LN is being Vanna White in her mind at least.

Definitely interesting the positions goats can get in hunting the perfect piece of grain isn't it?
Supposedly the bar sticking out was to prevent this but see how good it works?
OK did you guess what her costume was?
She's "the Fork in the Middle of the Road"!!!!



  1. Very cute photos. The one of the goat is a hoot! They are very clever when it comes to food. :)

  2. "Fork in the Middle of the Road!" Ha, very clever idea!! Good idea someone had about having the kids come into school to "Trick or Treat." It made me sad (okay, a little mad also) thinking of the manners adults exhibit and are teaching their children these days. Why are we turning into this ugly society? Enuf of that.

    Baby Bones is such a fuzzy cutie I'd like to give him a big hug. I'm sure you'll think of something else you'd like to do to him (hee-hee) during the non-stop screaming when you have to separate him from his mama!

    1. Most of the screaming from bones' weaning will be on the other side of the house from my bedroom and the back section of the barn so my neighbors can enjoy it. Lol Trick or treating is so selfish now its embarrassing. Parents are teaching kids to give me with no limits. Sad we he learned nothing from our past. LN has a few more costume ideas for other years she gives out candy. No one comes to our house so she usually gives out candy at her Grandmoms in the small town near us.

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