Sunday, October 21, 2012

Checking In

Just checking in before going to sleep.
Yesterday was a fun day.
LN & I went to dinner with friends after helping their son get off to Homecoming.
I had hemmed his suit pants thursday night.
The lost art of sewing comes in handy alot.
The boy took a twin as his date with the other tagging along as a single.
Before the night was done the single twin and his date twin swapped.
I think the boy was confused and his 1st date experience wasn't the best but he actually liked the single twin in the end.
I am not looking forward to LN dating that's for sure.
Today was a soccer game again in PA off rt 202.
There just happened to be a certain quilt shop I might have stopped at and may have brought home some needed treasures.
Pictures will follow tomorrow I hope before LN's field hockey game.
Anyone else sense a theme to my days?
Oh well fall is waning fast and it will end soon for winter.
She isn't planning on playing winter ball only managing her wrestling team at school.
I started a new knitting project and have restarted it 3 times now.
I'm going to start again before I conk out.
I will learn this.
I will.


  1. Hey, don't feel bad about hitting a few glitches with your knitting. I guess you could say I'm an experienced knitter and this morning when working on the afghan I'm knitting, I had to tear out ten (10!) rows because of a mistake I found!

    1. That's just it MamaPea I lost my left needle half way throught the row and couldn't figure how to pick up stitches so I ripped whole 12 rows out and threw up my hands. I need patience since I have to knit LN a hat now for MIWW contest entry due now.

  2. I tried knitting and gave it up! I could never figure out how to fix a mistake. Crocheting is soo much easier, but I do love the look of a knitted project!

    1. I am determined to get it. I am stubborn and never try easy 1st. Bad trait I know.