Monday, October 22, 2012

Cup of Tea

This weekend I did some retail therapy.
I tried to restrain myself and this is what occurred.
After game yesterday because I was close (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)
I picked up some white and beige/cream muslin cause you cant have enough
and other things jumped into my arms to be cut.
The bacon fabric is for LN I swear.
The other two are just cute as all get out and so.....

Saturday R came up to visit her cows so we went to lunch and then AC Moore (which should be outlawed) and I saw these mini ceramic loaf pans and thought they would work for teachers gifts.
Only $1.00 each so suckered me in although they are probably Chinese crap.

I actually needed these for LN 's MIWW outfit. She is putting a slouchy beret hat with it and these match well and are wool. She liked that and thought they fit the MIWW very well. All I have to do is find a pattern I can understand and learn to knit in the round right now in next few weeks before her picture goes to entries.

These are because I liked em plain and simple.
So there ....
Does anyone else have a pile of shoes right inside their doors?
At least it's not tracking all over floors right?

How about a dining table you can't find because the office has erupted all over it
because the office is stuffed too?
Laptop is personal but still.

R wants this purse in these fabrics.
Ahhhhh I need help NOW!

Ln wants to match these with ....
picture below
and the bacon fabric she found yesterday.

What the poop?
I have no idea how to even start.
 I need a cup of tea !


  1. I despise our pile of shoes at the back door! I have a basket to throw them in and they still end up surrounding the basket!!!! Have fun sewing ☺

    1. Who has time to sew? I just have alot of material. Geez I'm a fabric hoarder.

  2. Wow, I gott'a get me some of that bacon fabric! EVERYTHING goes with bacon, keep that in mind when trying to put that in with the other fabrics!

    1. LOL so true Carolyn bacon is good with everything.