Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Nuttin better than homegrown pork chops with local mashed spuds and local sweet corn.
The pot in back right is stuffed full of spuds for 3 of us. There is hardly any leftovers. LN is a pig!
I'm not, I swear!
Nuttin, Nuttin, Nuttin...
Homegrown meat of any kind, local veggies or homegrown
I'm lucky I have a few farmers who grow commercially and a few farmers who over grow their personal gardens with me in mind.
Takes the pressure off my dismal job of gardening knowing they are hard at work for lil ole me.
I just froze 12 more quarts of baby limas and freezer says, ENOUGH ALREADY!
Even with hardest winter imaginable we'll never be hungry.
I can walk or sled to neighbors for milk too.
We's spoiled.
Goats are coming back from breeders so gate repairs are in order.
This gate is over a foot off the ground at hinge side and lower hinge destroyed and wood rotted.
Goats see this as wide open area to explore.
I will keep LN's steer behind gate.

See the chain holding gate to wall? Not effective , cows
just push through and join goats. Animals are a pain. Humans are their slaves.
So I redrilled the holes so sweet angels stay on their own sides.

Looks like Goose is corraled!
No way, he knows every hole (some he dug) around each obstacal.
Now I have to line gate with chicken wire before Jan kids show up :}
Lil suckers can get through anything and then scream like I seperated them from Mama!
Look what I finished.
An original creation, based on cowl neck scarf?
It's soft and warm and not form fitting.
None of us like neck being strangled.
Maybe too loose but not bad for winging it.
And since I know you want to know
I'm on nut watch, LN's calf has been banded and I'm watching for sack to turn black
and shrivel. I've had infections set in when band snapped w/o cutting blood off both ways
 so I watch carefully now. People that see me prob wonder....
Just thought I'd share .



  1. Good for you supporting your local farmers!!! You are very lucky to have them so close!
    Your cowl scarf looks great!
    And LOL at nut watch!!! I put my goats in sweaters this weekend and everyone thinks I'm crazy too. It's funny what we do for our furry friends ☺

    1. Kelly glad I'm not only crazy one. I don't sweater kids or lambs though. Mama's keep them warm around here and I have heat lamps for smallest kids. Lambs wont use them ....too warm w wool. After seeing infection from band snapping I'm very watchful.

    2. I haven't had any goat babies yet but when/if I do and it's a boy we will band him, so thanks for sharing this info! I will be a crazy "nut watcher" too!!!

  2. I'm so glad you share. About everything! ;o} Love the quasi-cowl/neck scarf. 'Tis the season when we all start thinking about something warm and cozy around our necks!