Friday, October 26, 2012


I did it. I finished her hat in record time too for a rookie.
Cables look pretty good too although hat is tan as in top picture not grey.
Time for a camera soon I hope.
Hello, Santa??? Are you there?
LN likes it too. We fiddled with it and it slouches a little.

Her face is dark but what do you think?
It doesn't take away from the coat right?
It should complement not compete.
Be honest.


  1. I think it's PERFECT with the outfit!

    And, omigosh, lady, what a fantastic knitter you are! Cables and colors all in one hat! I knitted for a couple of years before I got brave enough to try cables. (Surprise, surprise, they're really not that hard, are they?)

    You should be very proud of yourself. Has the Knitting Bug bitten or aren't you totally hooked yet?

    1. LOL I am not fantastic by any means. I can show all of my mistakes in the hat. Somehow I ended up with a few extra stitches and have no idea how. I'm definently "hooked" and am excited to try new projects during hurricane Sandy. I'm ready to go. The colored rim was variegated so only swapped colors once. When you swap do you carry more than 1 stitch w both colors? I did just one and then went on w new color. I was real careful to weave in quite a bit of extra length just in case.