Monday, October 15, 2012

Multi Tasking

First things 1st- Hard to see maybe but YES that is a cow with her front body up on the wagon!
Gemstone is athletic I do believe and wanted every last bean.
Nothing goes to waste.

Num Num Num...
 This morning was a multi tasking type day.
I was rudely awaken by S (I wanted to sleep in )because he needed help
with some round bales that wouldn't stay on skids after he set them in the shed.
Remember we had 60 to get under cover before rain that doesn't seem to be coming ;/
S delivered 12 yesterday so 48 needed moved today.
Goose going to see why S isn't bringing the bale, he's so helpful.
Without him I wouldn't be able to yell "get out of the way Goose" a kabillion times a day.

Filling it up.

Done filled it up!
I carried all the skids under each bale , braced bales so 3 fit across ea. bottom row,
picked up trash and stuff, and
mowed some areas hopefully for the last time? in between S needing my assistance,
while having towels drying on the line and

Farmer combining soybeans behind our barn in the field.
Sheeze we's multi-taskers for sure.
Then ran to bank, to MIL's , back to bank for her (I didnt know 1st or would have made 1 bank run),
to post office, to another bank to drop payment off due today ;/, to school
seems LN forgot essential uniform piece for field hockey game (psst. her sports bra shhhh),
then to get lunch and back home.
Crazy morning.
Now gotta grab a shower and off to Seaford (hr away)  for FH game.
I will leave you with a picture of Popeye's relative
LN was at her 4-H banquet sitiing front and center yesterday.
She didnt care that she was right below the stage and podium either.
She's so serious don't you think?

She received some awards , some expected and a few surprises.
Her travel game was a win in last few moments so she was in rare form at the banquet after
we fed the beast!
 Tall and Lanky! She didn't get that from me.
Well off to field hockey .


  1. Your a busy lady! The last pics are too funny!!!

    1. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and other times like I should do a lot more Kelly. Never satisfied lol. LN is special and never dull for sure.