Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finished and Started

I finished my lonnggggg Winter/Christmas scarf.
My Sausage Roll...

I like it , it's a little long....

8'6" to be exact. Lots of snuggling warmth.
I wore it just watching TV and reading already because I love it.
I started
the open work patterned scarf I hoped to give R foe Christmas
I'm only 7 in into it and have found mistakes again.
I'm not frogging it because I CAN"T.
I can NOT tell where to put stitches back on needle with all the twists and turns.
I'm gonna keep knitting.
See how it goes before I rip again for 4th time.
You think I'd learn. I guess I don't completely slip stitch off needle or I slip two off.
IDK as they say.
Perseverance I gots to have Confusion says! 
Anyhoooo  I found socks I like.
Made in the USA as well of  high percentage wool blends.
I'm in love.
Target is the store. They are $8.00 a pair.
IDK again
They won't wear out for years and I'm not ready to try knitting socks.

I have 6 pairs I bought 5 yrs ago at Sam's Club that are wool too.
Going strong with no signs of wearing out.
I'm splurging on myself.
I bought 1 pair to try and my feet are sweating on this 44* day so it's a go.
Now to find time to get back to store before they discontinue them.
When I down loaded my pics of knitting guess who had jacked it and filled it up?
I found 20 plus pictures LN & a friend had snapped at 4-H event.
Good thing she's cute!


  1. That's so funny which things we are scared to! I went straight from knitting scarves to knitting cabled socks LOL ( I LOVE double pointed needles), but I am too scared of circular needles! I am trying to knit myself a sweater now, my first, and I'm using circular needles and I HATE it LOL! Pretty scarves, both of them!

    1. More than scared of double needles, I am scared of having to go to store and buy the needles. I always come out with too many extras like yarn and material. I admit it I am a yarn & material junkie. Lol help .... me carry my purchases! Lol

  2. Love your holiday scarf! Wish I had enough neck to wear a big ol' scarf like that. If I wound it around twice my eyebrows would be covered. Keep going on your new scarf. By the time you get halfway through you'll have the pattern down perfectly. (I still have trouble now and then not pulling stitches all the way off the needle and I've been knitting for -- yikes! -- 49 years!)

    Whenever I feel guilty about having too much fabric or yarn stashed away, I imagine how mad I'd feel if we got snowed in for a month some winter and I ran out of it. Would that not be AWFUL??

    1. I am trying to get there and it is going better. I am 9 in down and it's starting to gel. I do have to pay attention on this scarf for sure. I have not got to the "relaxing" part of knitting yet. Very stressful I think. It would be a dull life stranded without yarn, fiber or material. Egads!