Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I joined the gym and start with a trainer tomorrow morning.
I've signed a contract and am planning a 4x week gym workout and 1 day at home.
Come on will power, hello where are you?
I'm happy, I'm scared, I'm sad.
Goodbye body I'm gonna miss some of you.
I'll probably be so sore this weekend I won't want to move but I will.
My trainer is my customer also so I can't be mean to him.
I think I'm gonna want to be very mean soon.
Oh well certain people say I always am so I have a head start.
I have to sew 8 "candy cane" skirts this weekend for next weekend.
The 4-H club has a float in a Christmas parade on the 7th of Dec.
The girls on board are going to be Can(e) Can(e) dancers.
Play on words, get it?
Oh well somehow I was "volunteered" to sew skirts.
I'll try to take pictures.
I put a 24" separating zipper in S's coat he won a zillion yrs go at our roping series.
I didn't take a picture and you wouldnt have wanted to see my frustration.
That was not fun at all.
The coat was not a 22 or a 24" so I bought the larger and folded it over at the top.
It looks good but was a bear to complete.
Oh well time to knit and relax for tomorrow
I DIE...


  1. Good luck on your training! Let us know how it goes, I'm rooting for ya!

    1. Day 1 complete feel like jelly in arms and legs. Guess thats a painful good sign.

  2. Replies
    1. That's my plan. After day 1 I'm a lil jelly legs but hopeful. Long way to go. Maybe blog will keep me accountable and pushing.

  3. 4x week workout and 1 at home? Ewe is crazy!