Monday, November 5, 2012

Moody Monday

Grrrr... I'm moody and grouchy today.
Weekend was soccer, soccer and a lil soccer with a Friday night field hockey game..
LN's travel team is now 3rd in her division so playoffs we go.
Her team will play #2 seed this Saturday and if they win play championship Sunday.
I'm not happy or sad just ready to be done with this season.
I've posted previously how unhappy I am with the coach so a timeout is needed.
We paid for fall and winter season already so I have to bite my tongue and
IT HURTS to do that.
Anyhooo I also helped at school talent show Thursday night so I needed to have supper ready
early so LN & I could get to school after I picked her up from Field Hockey practice,
race home so she could change and scarf food down.
Yes I said " Scarf".
LN is bottomless pit so major supplies are laid in regularly as fill ups.
So what did I make?
Do you know what all this has in common?
Yes MamaPea except for the cloves laying on the brown sugar, it is all BAD for you!
But once in awhile you just have to suck it up and do it.
It's a Soda Ham.
 My MIL had recipe from the 50's.
She has tons of processed food recipes from that era. It seems every new prepared food
had suggestions as to how to make a quick meal.
This is a "treat" my husband loves.
You mix ground cloves with brown sugar and a lil bit of RC cola.
I subbed Coke because he couldn't find RC if it's even still made?
Make a slurry, the thicker the better. I always add too much cola so it thins out.
It still works. I put the disgusting ( I don't touch it, it grosses me out since we have a actual ham in freezer from our own hogs) ham in the crockpot and ...
dump the slurry on it and heat it up. I don't have a finished picture but it absorbs the sugar and spice and gets a beautiful golden brown color with a rich flavor.

I also made baked mac and cheese which is always a favorite.
LN ate 3 or 4 servings before she stopped.
Oh to have metabolism and be young and not care about the nutritional aspect.
Since she would be leaving Friday nights field hockey game to head straight to soccer practice
I heated up chicken and rice soup I had leftover from the Sandy storm
cooking frenzy and put it in a thermos for her.
It was in high 40's at the game and she was so happy to see the thermos.
I should do that more often for sure.
Much better for her and better on my wallet too than a convenience store wrap.
I try to remember to pack something as she is always hungry after a game.
My mind is like a steel trap though. Some things go in but never come back out.
This makes remembering things a lil bit difficult you see.
Today is her last field hockey game .
She is the wrestling manager for winter and it starts next week so
she only has a few days off.
School is weird this week for her.
School Mon., closed Tues., School Wed., 1/2 days Thurs and Fri. for parent conferences.
I tried to get her a dentist appt a different day but Wed is only opening at 10:00am.
She is an A student so missing rest of Wed. and even Thurs. if pain is bad should not matter.
Dentist is pulling last baby tooth so orthodontist can continue with her brace plan.
She is putting brackets on to move LN's lower jaw out a little to line up with her upper jaw better.
I went back and forth about this. She doesn't have bad teeth , just a little bit of crookedness.
The main reason for braces was to fix jaw placement so she doesn't have possible problems later in life with eating and pain like TMJ and need to have it broken to be repaired.
Expensive "what if" but I didn't want to take the chance and also felt her self esteem would get a boost as well if she feels better about her looks.
Not vain, just normal feeling.
Ok I've ran off enough so I'll leave you with this picture of a cute spatula LN received as a gift.
 She's not sure she wants to use it in case it gets "messed" up.
Sign of a hoarder in the making huh?


  1. Okay, you silly woman, you gave me a chuckle this morning! As far as your 50s ham dinner goes, it sounds dee-lish-us!! My mom was a cook right out of that era and she was a GOOD cook. (Although I must admit, I don't think even the processed stuff from that era was as bad for us 'cause they hadn't "invented" all the cool(?) preservatives and additives they have now.

    I well remember when our daughter was LN's age, she could eat a football player under the table. Gads, that kid could put away a lot of food and stay her skinny Size 6. Used to bug the heck out of me that she had 6" more leg than I and wore a size jean four sizes smaller than me!

    Don't know how you do all you do and still keep up with LN's schedule. This period of your life will end, but she will remember the time and attention you gave her forever.

    1. Can you imagine a size 00 or 0 ? That's how skinny LN is and 5'7" tall. I am NOT either. Lol I scare her though when I yell so size doesn't matter. 4 of the 5 younguns are tall as well as S. All males are min of 6'. Only me and R are 5'2" . Small packages are easier right? You are probably right about 50's preservatives being minimal. Some of my MIL s recipes from that era and 60's as well are quick and easy. Taste good too. I just have an adversion to box mixes so I shy away except once in awhile. Laughter is good for the soul so laugh away.

  2. Soda Ham! I had never heard of that until I moved to the south decades ago LOL, awful for you yes, but yummy!! I'm hearing from our dentist that one of my son will have appliances and brackets and all manner or strange things in his mouth in a couple of years :)

    1. Ahhh brace face... LN knows it well, she s had her braces since Feb. and is about to know it a lot better when the next phase happens