Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh Joy?

Oh Joy I think.
I 've been told a few times lately by different people that it's a great thing to wake up
every morning and to read obituaries and not see your own name.
So.... Oh Joy what a nice day!
Monday LN had off for Veterans Day.
She was therefore not impressed to have to get up for early othodontist appt.
I guess I "forgot" about holiday when I scheduled it.
When we returned home she left to go shopping for field hockey coaches gifts with a team mate.
A few minutes later I heard "come outside and give me your opinion".
This is what I saw...

then I saw this...
S had taken down the sheep fence (woven wire) without mentioning it.
All the way to the garden gate down the sheep alley.
To the left is horse country and to the left is sheep alley.
So guess what I did on a 60* day? At least it was 60*.

Oh Joy!

I held chain to pull all the wooden posts with John Deere's help
because of course they didn't line up with
cattle panels we're installing.

 I dug holes with clamdiggers and another type of digger and I tamped each post.

Goose is camoflaughed well while he guards me.
Hahaha I made a joke. Big, Bad Pitbull.

I carried alot of cattle panels. See red gate way down there, squint real hard.?
Then it rained and we stopped, put up temporary fence and will finish another day.
No pictures to show lack of progress but I will update at a future date.

Oh Joy !

Today it rained as well so S finally did this...

Installed the drawer a friend gave me under the front loading washer.
They are several hundreds of buckaroos for the drawers in the stores and this was  FREEEEE.
Friend was tossing his set of washer/dryer and volunteered drawer.
It'll save my back leaning over even at 5'2".
Maybe it'll help stop all the stuff being set on top so it vibrates off each time washer spins too.
It looks different colored than washer but actually matches the control panel and detergent drawer.
Wierd I know , I guess different metal or plastic washes.

Everything had to be unhooked and the beast laid on it's side to attach the drawer housing.
Oh Joy!
While re-hooking up everything the hot water flange on washer stripped.
S fixed that with his trusty knife but then....
the basement hookup leaked at the hot water line.

Oh Joy!

It always happens when I ask for something that seems simple.
S turned off hot water which I rarely use and will rig a fix eventually he says.
But for now I like another drawer to fill with stuff .
Hopefully it will keep stuff out of sight.

No!!!! My floor is not yellow but cream colored, stupid camera.

Santa? I was wondering....?


  1. Fencing and washer & dryer repairs, ugh!!!

    1. A girls' gotta do what a girls' gotta do. Lol like it or not.

  2. Love those cattle panels, but they are heavy! So I can appreciate the work you went through on the fencing. Also, digging holes for fence posts tends to burn a few calories, too. (Gosh, you have enough soil to actually dig a hole in? Some people have all the luck.)

    Once the washer is back up to snuff, I know you'll appreciate the elevated height . . . and handy storage in the drawer.

    1. I did 3 loads today, all cold water. I usually use cold. S's pants are sometimes hard to clean in cold with home made detergent but I run worst through a 2nd time with another load. I don't know if it's efficient washer or detergent. It's fine for all other things.