Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OMG a Surprise

Wow what a day.
1st thing I picked up R from garage where her car , Blueberry was having oil change.
Then off to Blood Bank to donate Pheresis.
I do it about every month or 6 wks. It's nice to give back and
 I get to watch a movie with no interruptions.
Today I bruised worse than normal. When they removed the 1st needle all the returning blood flooded the return arm and popped the vein returning into my surrounding tissue.
Hence 2 huge lumps under my skin and advice to ice today frequently.
Oh well I'll be back in a few weeks to repeat the process (without the bruises I hope).
The OMG title referred to LN's surprise visit from a professional soccer player today.
Jack McInerney , a striker from Philadelphia Union Soccer team stopped by to say Hi!
How cool is that?
One of our neighbors/customers from next rd over has a daughter my older 2 went to school with.
Katie is dating Jack after friending him on FB and him accepting.
How cool is that too?
Anyhow they were home for Thanksgiving dinner a day early and stopped by.
Jack gave LN a signed team picture and visited with her awhile.
LN was a happy camper for sure.
I didn't  take a picture of them because LN said not to.

Personal autograph helped " sweeten the pie" so to speak.
Jack is 3rd from left , top row.
LN & Jack are both shy around strangers but Jack had her beat there.
He was very nice to take his family time to make a 13 yr old happy.
Otherwise today I supervised R baking our desserts for tomorrow.
She made a few things.
Seems she doesn't read recipes all the way through so her ...
1 pie became 2 because the recipe was doubled. Ahhh youth!

I'm sure they will be ate though. R offered to take one to her work Friday.
She's an assistant manager at a Rehoboth Beach outlet children's store so they will need food to make it through Black Friday and the weekend.

She also made a pumpkin roll.

I can not wait to slice into this.

I also made a dump cake with pineapple (my sil's favorite food) and cherries.
Instead of a boxed cake mix it calls for I made a homemade mix so I want to see how it turned out.
It 'll be a sweet Thanksgiving.
I hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day and remembers to be Thankful!


  1. OUCH!!! All the desserts look wonderful, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Nice quiet Thanksgiving Erin. Only 5 people here but tons of food. I hope your Thanksgiving was great. Now for Christmas coutdown.