Saturday, November 17, 2012

So Long

It was such a long day.
So llooonnnnggggg of a day!
Last tournament of fall travel soccer.
They finished 2nd of 4 teams.
It was a good day.
1st is great but lets discuss this.
Union (LN's team) is a division 7 of 10 divisions with 1 being hardest.
Today 1st they played a division 5, Union won 2-0.
2nd they played a division 4 team and tied 0-0.
Last they played a division 2 team and tied 0-0.
Not toooo shabby.
Look at the scores again please.
All 0's on LN's defensive side.
That's her counterpart above, they hold the back line together.
They are beasts together and have their own sign language because they cant talk w mouthguards in.
Long tiring day with wind and cold temps but successiful day.
I'm learning to go with out winning every time but it's hard, I am competitive.
My heart races and I feel each move in my bones.
LN said I needed to chill this season and I have, she said so :)
Yea me!  I am trying to keep it in (although I still like winning best).


  1. Good job, Mom! I'm sure LN really appreciates your efforts to sit on your hands and bite your tongue. (Hurts sometimes, doesn't it?) The best thing though is that she knows without a doubt she's got a strong woman who happens to be her mom solidly behind her. If more kids had that, the world would be a much better place.

    1. Thanks for your comment. MamaPea you always brighten my day! I am learning to bite clean through my tongue. I'll survive.