Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giveaway Link

 at Happy Hollow Homestead is having a giveaway in honor of her 1st yr as a blogger.
Stop on over for a good read and a good giveaway chance.
Bloggers supporting bloggers.


When you are so mad you are spitting bullets what else is there to do but write a post, right?
Last night LN's coach was red carded or thrown out of the game 1 1/2 minutes into it.
He cussed and argued with the ref.
I read emails today from him apologizing but saying he felt ref was wrong.
That wasn't an apology to me and I responded as such after 3 parents told him good job , we all make mistakes type responses.
 I thought they missed the point.
Apparentently I was wrong and I apologized as such.
I ate crow after he replied I'm a negative person who needs to stop that.
Me and my kid maybe don't fit in that organization was also written.
I apologized without meaning it to everyone and him.
I would rather pull his tonsils out his a** slowly.
Is that wrong?
Should I apologize for my thoughts ?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remember the Alamo

I visited the Alamo several times during the stay in San Antonio.
It is a reconstruction and  memorial to a bloody battle.
The grounds are landscaped now and it takes imagination to see the buildings in the stark desert like area it was back then instead of an irrigated garden in the middle of a city.
I snapped some of these shots and LN did the rest.

I like the uncluttered side view without ropes and tourists.
I wasn't a tourist, I was a celebrity.
That was what our riverboat tour guide said and I'm sticking with it.

Not sure if she is trying to imitate the "Thinker" or just what???

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flash Mob

We are back from MIWW contest in San Antonio, TX.
LN didn't place but she tried her best.
She learned lots.
She has tons of ideas for"next time".
Not the best pictures as a 6'6" in man stood in front of me as she turned to me.
He said sorry but somehow that didn't show up on camera, grrrr.

This was afterwards as the MIWW lost her sign out sheet and wouldn't release her.
Grrrr, again!
But in all it was a good trip.
We and sometimes when she was busy I wondered through the Riverwalk area.
My hotel was where the brightest light is.
It has riverwalk access from the Alamo straight through their lowest level.
Pretty place and well kept by the city.
The riverwalk has an outdoor theater, this is the backdrop with the stage in front of it.

I found the old village opposite it ( La Villita I believe was the name) which is now a craft village.
A group of local knitters flash mobbed the craft village trees.
They knit tree scarves or wraps on the trees in bright designs and colors.
So cool!
They knit patterns with embellishments such as ruffles and pom-poms.
This was my favorite. It was knit in place around the upper right branch.
I also "found" this church with a sculpture in front of it.
The church bells gave me shivers.
Back to the real world.
Within 20 minutes of pulling in the driveway I was in the barn.
A set of lambs and 1 kid were born while I was away.
I rearrange things and put stuff back where it and they belong.
Mucked jugs from lambs.
Tomorrow or Tuesday we have to repair front fence someone knocked out in the middle of the night
2 nights ago. No they didn't stop to tell S of see if animals got out .
Typical unfortunately...
Sleep is calling and gym bright and early too.
Time to get back at it.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheap ?

After all the money I've or we've spent so far on this MIWW project and trip
am I being cheap to only wanna pay for 1 checked bag?
I wanna cram as much as possible into carry-on.
I absolutely have to carry-on her garments in a garment bag so that's a worry too.
Does anyone carry on garment bags anymore?
Too much to do, not enough time and now freezing cold teens and 20's weather here.
That means lots more prep and electric water bucket set-ups for me today.
I need everything as fool proof for S as possible.
He won't make effort if I don't and might not if I do.
I definitely am selling goats after everyone kids and recovers.
It's not enjoyable and 1 less species will be nice I hope.
Well back to it.
Hope she knocks em dead but love her anyway it goes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ahem Snow?

LN & I went to a 6:00pm 4-H Exchange meeting.
I think she's going to exchange with Idaho.
Details are being worked out.
After that meeting she stayed to attend the Junior Council 4-H meeting at 7:15 while I ran to Target
to get some trip items ie: breakfast bars, snacks for plane and shampoo.
When I came out few minutes later it was snowing.
After driving home in it I took pictures quick so we have a record.
It won't stay around long and it's warmer than it needs to pile up.
It'll be cloudy over night so I'll watch road for icing for my 7:30 am gym drive and LN's school.
I am not complaining though, if necessary I will stay home and sleep ;/
I wish.

It's pretty while it lasts.
Cleans up the place!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Country Kids Rule

Who else but a country kid cleans the nasty steer pen after 5 days of heavy rain and mud? 

Fills the pen with fresh dry shavings.

While being helped by said steer who needs a bath.
View standing glopping mud said country kid lost her bog boot in going to dump manure.

She figured out Mom isn't only one who can dump the wheelbarrow ,
Then she plays a game of indoor soccer...
 has a soccer practice...
gets her nails done for her MIWW trip this week...
plays a game of indoor field hockey... 
 Proceeds to 4-H International Foods Day and Talent Show
where she helps set-up and check in participates.
She made German Potato Salad.
The tables behind her hold dishes from approximately 35-40 members
who made a dish from a country of their choice.
Then Miss Thing MC'd the talent show.
The extension agent saw her coming.
Good thing she isn't shy.
10 acts preformed.
This magician was a crowd pleaser.
That's the way a country kid rules the weekend.
Now she is packing for Wed. through Sundays trip to San Antonio, TX
for the Make It With Wool Contest.
She exhausts me and I just drive.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Am I jinxed?
Notice only 2 doe kids with Mama?
Big Billy kid died this morning.
So frustrated right now.
I never actually saw him hurse but holding him his belly was warm and full.
Maybe he never nursed?
I asked for S to verify last night but after being seperated last night for 5 hours he didn't wanna nurse
when forced to but when left alone and spied on he went back to bag and nosed around making sucking sounds so S "thought" he was fine.
This morning he was lethargic and laying full out barely breathing.
I am so mad at myself.
I should have done it myself and then...I don't know if it would have helped but I might feel as if I did all I could at least.
I am not fishing for alot of cheery encouraging comments here.
I f*#%ed up.
On the positive side when I went to barn this morning I did a double take when I saw these cuties...
I love lambs.
Ewes too as a rule just get it done.
I have only helped 2x with lambs and 1 of those times was a prolapse to be returned and the other I'm not sure was necessary to help tiny runt nurse as she went to Mom after 2 small bottles
and grew like a weed.

Think ewe named Valentine has any milk?
Both ram lambs are nursing and moving around , hopping around actually.

Seems someone just wants some attention.
Baby Bones says "please lady take my picture".

Gym update - still going and still sweating buckets.
Still not fun.
Still going and still necessary.
New trainer is fine and we're gelling.
I thought after 1st actual workout with her she wasn't doing enough with me intensity wise.
I found out next morning at 3 am barn check I was wrong.
My legs and glutes protested the stairs more than usual.
So it goes and I still go.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here we go...

At 6:00 am when LN went to feed her animals she found babies.

She's alive just real tired from coming out 3rd and is still wet.
3 live healthy kids, 1" not done" (let's just say) kid still in sack but the size of a 6 wk old kitten
No picture, too graphic, I tossed that one with afterbirth cleanup.
It doesn't bother me because triplets are a struggle to nurse, quads are a nightmare.
Little #4 probably was pushed out and didn't get nutrients to develop correctly.
Nature and God takes care of regulating itself.
Hope to get better pic of him, he's huge and hollers greatly.
He was 1st and dry by time I got there.

Cutie #2 is wiped out too.
Mama just wanted to lay down after I cleaned up and moved her to heat lamp
which messes up pictures as well .

Ahem this is yearling that is not where she belongs.
She's standing outside on cement pad near driveway with no fences or gates.
Pain in butt Bonquisha or Quie-Quie (don't ask, LN did it) as she's nicknamed was upset
because I wouldn't let her inside while I cleaned up and moved new family.
She just let herself out of gate and came into barn from the other side.
This begins the season for me.
I'm choosing to put the past 2 deaths behind me.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


The indoor field hockey season started today.
Ln 's team won 14-0.
It was a needed boost to her soul after a 1-9 outdoor season.
She scored the 1st goal. That made her happy, me too.
I have alot to learn about my camera.
Sports, indoors, action and focus settings, ahhhhh...
Fun to play with though.

Knew it...

I've had an uneasy feeling for a week .
This morning I found out why.
My trainer left the gym and will be returning to his other site an hour away.
He texted and called me to explain and apologize.
He was demoted as a result of the owners' divorce and splitting up of the 2 gyms.
He was then offered same job at other site so he couldn't say no.
It was better for him because he lives there too.
I can't beleive it.
It was going so well.
I will be starting with his recommended trainer Monday.
She has said hi and such to me before and seems nice.
I warned her I don't want to slip back so go hard with me.
Seriously bums me out but it'll work out just not as planned previously.
Still going to continue.
It blows though.
To day is 60* , yep in mid January.
So unhealthy and unwise...
I want winter.
LN has her 1st indoor field hockey game this afternoon.
Hope it goes better than indoor soccer went last Monday.
I need to go down to treadmill now.
GRRRRR I do not like but...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 in a row

Not only is LN "going out" with a boy at 13 yr old but now
last night another rite of passage started.
Can't say what cause she'd be pissed if I did but ladies use your imagination.
Really losing my baby but
gaining a beautiful young lady!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not Ready

I am not ready for this turn of events.
It would seem my 8th grade, 13 yr old child has a boy interested in her.
LN is "talking' to a boy she goes to school with.
I'm not ready at all.
She's my baby and I'm not ready for this.
She says "going out" is stupid because at their age they don't actually go anywhere.
They talk in the 1 class they share and sometimes at lunch.
She says no biggie Mom but I don't know about that.
Seriously not ready.
R was a bookworm and shy so didn't "go out" with guys till high school.
Z was a "ho bag" as they say and hell on wheels so dated since he could crawl, seriously!
I can't remember when he didn't have a girlfriend.
LN has been all sports and scholastics so far.
She is very outgoing but cautious.
So not ready for her to take notice of guys yet.
Guess I'm going to have to keep her busier.
I'm slackin... 
In the barn I saw some mucous on the south end of the older nanny so the watch is on.
I have been getting up to check everyone at 3:30 am.
S checks about midnight or 1 am before he comes to bed.
Hopefully tonight we have some healthy kids.
Still hitting the gym.
Still sweating through every pore.
This better work.
So want a cheeseburger and a coke.
Can't and Won't but Wanna...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Soup Sunday

MamaPea @ A Home Grown Journal asked bloggers to post
soup receipies on Sundays.
Today I decided to make soup at 4:00pm.
I don't use receipies.
I wing it.
It's a Potatoe/Vegatable Chowder?

I cut up half of a large onion pretty fine and soften it in a maybe a tablespoon of butter in a stockpot.
 I chopped up 2 pieces of celery and added to the onions.
After allowing them to cook a few minutes I added 6 or 7 medium potatoes that were cubed.
I added water just to cover and put over medium heat and brought it to a boil.
I gently boiled it till potatoes softened.
I had part of a 5# bag of frozen veggies (corn, carrots, peas & beans) so I added a couple of handfuls
and stirred them in till it looked proportional ;] to this I added some chopped bacon.
After allowing veggies to gently boil about 8 or 10 min I added 1/2 pint of cream.
I turned heat to low so cream didn't boil but heated through a few minutes.
Done and Yum
No it was not on my "diet" plan with the cream and butter involved so I only ate a small bowl.
It was good.
I worked out yesterday and today at home.
Saturday I did 60min on inclined treadmill at a  fast enough walk I had to hold on.
Then I did my crunches.
Today I only did 30 min on treadmill but I did crunches and leglifts as well as
some bicep curls and dreaded pushups which I suck at.
I ate healthy except soup so I am pleased.
This is my clothes lines on New Years Eve day.
Got it all washed and put away!

Decorations and all!
Yea me!
I can see out the windows (at leaast through the dirt ).
Oh well that's for another time.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Just do not want to post.
but here goes...
plain enough?
I will possibly say more when I feel better about owning animals,
losing weight or getting in shape,
decluttering while living with a hoarder,
ordering seeds for the "definently I'm planting a garden this yr" albeit a lil smaller,
and whatever else comes up
plain enough?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Far

So far 2013 sucks
LN found a dead ewe 1st thing this morning.
She was older one who has lambed before with no issues.
Looks like she prolapsed and died.
Showed no signs of distress last night.
Rotten start to year.