Monday, January 21, 2013

Ahem Snow?

LN & I went to a 6:00pm 4-H Exchange meeting.
I think she's going to exchange with Idaho.
Details are being worked out.
After that meeting she stayed to attend the Junior Council 4-H meeting at 7:15 while I ran to Target
to get some trip items ie: breakfast bars, snacks for plane and shampoo.
When I came out few minutes later it was snowing.
After driving home in it I took pictures quick so we have a record.
It won't stay around long and it's warmer than it needs to pile up.
It'll be cloudy over night so I'll watch road for icing for my 7:30 am gym drive and LN's school.
I am not complaining though, if necessary I will stay home and sleep ;/
I wish.

It's pretty while it lasts.
Cleans up the place!

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  1. Sounds like your snow is about like ours, fleeting!