Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheap ?

After all the money I've or we've spent so far on this MIWW project and trip
am I being cheap to only wanna pay for 1 checked bag?
I wanna cram as much as possible into carry-on.
I absolutely have to carry-on her garments in a garment bag so that's a worry too.
Does anyone carry on garment bags anymore?
Too much to do, not enough time and now freezing cold teens and 20's weather here.
That means lots more prep and electric water bucket set-ups for me today.
I need everything as fool proof for S as possible.
He won't make effort if I don't and might not if I do.
I definitely am selling goats after everyone kids and recovers.
It's not enjoyable and 1 less species will be nice I hope.
Well back to it.
Hope she knocks em dead but love her anyway it goes.


  1. I've not done any airplane traveling in many years, but people say it's no fun anymore. I don't envy you making sure you arrive with everything you must have. It's a hassle.

    Leaving home this time of year is so much harder than in the more "forgiving" seasons. Everything will probably be just fine while you're gone, but I know when you're in charge and have the bulk of the responsibility, it's difficult.

    Have a WONDERFUL trip. Keeping our fingers crossed that LN does great!

    1. Thank-you for thoughts. I hope to enjoy the weather in Texas. Supposed to be 60's and 70's. Hopefully the traveling cold from flying stays away too. LN will try her best and that's all she can do. Gotta remember my dramamine too :/ Post when we return.

  2. I hope you two have a good time and all goes well while you are away!