Sunday, January 20, 2013

Country Kids Rule

Who else but a country kid cleans the nasty steer pen after 5 days of heavy rain and mud? 

Fills the pen with fresh dry shavings.

While being helped by said steer who needs a bath.
View standing glopping mud said country kid lost her bog boot in going to dump manure.

She figured out Mom isn't only one who can dump the wheelbarrow ,
Then she plays a game of indoor soccer...
 has a soccer practice...
gets her nails done for her MIWW trip this week...
plays a game of indoor field hockey... 
 Proceeds to 4-H International Foods Day and Talent Show
where she helps set-up and check in participates.
She made German Potato Salad.
The tables behind her hold dishes from approximately 35-40 members
who made a dish from a country of their choice.
Then Miss Thing MC'd the talent show.
The extension agent saw her coming.
Good thing she isn't shy.
10 acts preformed.
This magician was a crowd pleaser.
That's the way a country kid rules the weekend.
Now she is packing for Wed. through Sundays trip to San Antonio, TX
for the Make It With Wool Contest.
She exhausts me and I just drive.


  1. No, you don't "just drive." You are doing a slam-bang fabulous job of raising a well-rounded, happy, well-adjusted, confident young lady who is going to someday go out into the world and make you even more proud of her than you are now. (As you rightly should be!)

    1. MamaPea you are so sweet. LN is an easy keeper and does the right thing naturally. I wish I could take credit but I am not so selfless as her. I'm the gal mothers warn their sons about. Lol don't think different.

  2. What a nice post on your daughter! She DOES rule!! :)
    I can't imagine a "city" kid doing half of this stuff.