Thursday, January 17, 2013


Am I jinxed?
Notice only 2 doe kids with Mama?
Big Billy kid died this morning.
So frustrated right now.
I never actually saw him hurse but holding him his belly was warm and full.
Maybe he never nursed?
I asked for S to verify last night but after being seperated last night for 5 hours he didn't wanna nurse
when forced to but when left alone and spied on he went back to bag and nosed around making sucking sounds so S "thought" he was fine.
This morning he was lethargic and laying full out barely breathing.
I am so mad at myself.
I should have done it myself and then...I don't know if it would have helped but I might feel as if I did all I could at least.
I am not fishing for alot of cheery encouraging comments here.
I f*#%ed up.
On the positive side when I went to barn this morning I did a double take when I saw these cuties...
I love lambs.
Ewes too as a rule just get it done.
I have only helped 2x with lambs and 1 of those times was a prolapse to be returned and the other I'm not sure was necessary to help tiny runt nurse as she went to Mom after 2 small bottles
and grew like a weed.

Think ewe named Valentine has any milk?
Both ram lambs are nursing and moving around , hopping around actually.

Seems someone just wants some attention.
Baby Bones says "please lady take my picture".

Gym update - still going and still sweating buckets.
Still not fun.
Still going and still necessary.
New trainer is fine and we're gelling.
I thought after 1st actual workout with her she wasn't doing enough with me intensity wise.
I found out next morning at 3 am barn check I was wrong.
My legs and glutes protested the stairs more than usual.
So it goes and I still go.


  1. Cute lambs! Not a dull moment at your place right now. Good job going to the gym! I need to quit eating chocolates and desserts after every meal. I acquired this habit around Christmastime and it's too yummy to quit!

    1. I wish I had your chocolate habit but alas no more coke or potato chips let alone bread for me . It is a busy time of year and just beginning. How we survive it w minimal damage.

  2. These stinking cute lamb pictures is making me want to get sheep!!!

    BTW, nice bag there :)

    1. I like sheep better than goats. Less temperamental than goats. Easier to keep fenced and penned for birthings too. My opinion for what its worth :)

  3. Sorry about your baby. I too am still hitting the gym with hubby. However, we missed a few days recently.

    1. Life happens I guess. Missing a few times is ok as long as u go back sooner rather than later :) my opinion again geeze

  4. Sorry about the buck kid. It's hard to know why these things happen sometimes.
    The little black lambs are as cute as can be and, yep, momma sheep has one heck of a bag!