Saturday, January 12, 2013

Knew it...

I've had an uneasy feeling for a week .
This morning I found out why.
My trainer left the gym and will be returning to his other site an hour away.
He texted and called me to explain and apologize.
He was demoted as a result of the owners' divorce and splitting up of the 2 gyms.
He was then offered same job at other site so he couldn't say no.
It was better for him because he lives there too.
I can't beleive it.
It was going so well.
I will be starting with his recommended trainer Monday.
She has said hi and such to me before and seems nice.
I warned her I don't want to slip back so go hard with me.
Seriously bums me out but it'll work out just not as planned previously.
Still going to continue.
It blows though.
To day is 60* , yep in mid January.
So unhealthy and unwise...
I want winter.
LN has her 1st indoor field hockey game this afternoon.
Hope it goes better than indoor soccer went last Monday.
I need to go down to treadmill now.
GRRRRR I do not like but...


  1. Bummer about your trainer; hopefully the other gal is just as good or maybe even better? Who knows!

    I wish I had 1/32 of the gumption you have about working out. Keep it up :)

    1. I put it off for years. It's time but I had to get there in my head. It's funny a little pill or pills scared me enough to do it though. I depise taking meds and won't if there is any chance to excercise out of them. I will live to fulfill my dream. It's my goal.

  2. You've got real dedication, Girl! I really admire you for that. As Carolyn says, give this new trainer a fightin' chance . . . she may prove to be even better than the one you lost. Are you trying for losing weight or toning up or lowering blood pressure or just feeling better? Seems like you have a very active life with your family and animals so how out of shape can you be?

    1. I noticed over last 6 months or so blood pressure creapin up a little. I also do not like how my clothes fit. I would like my arms toned if truth were told. Doctor told husband yrs ago what we do for a living makes our bodies get used to it. We have to do sustained exercise to raise our heart rate for a longer time to lose weight. Must be true cause I feel a smidge of looseness in my jeans. I m going to keep rolling. My metabolism is null and void so I need to go overboard for any progress to start.