Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not Ready

I am not ready for this turn of events.
It would seem my 8th grade, 13 yr old child has a boy interested in her.
LN is "talking' to a boy she goes to school with.
I'm not ready at all.
She's my baby and I'm not ready for this.
She says "going out" is stupid because at their age they don't actually go anywhere.
They talk in the 1 class they share and sometimes at lunch.
She says no biggie Mom but I don't know about that.
Seriously not ready.
R was a bookworm and shy so didn't "go out" with guys till high school.
Z was a "ho bag" as they say and hell on wheels so dated since he could crawl, seriously!
I can't remember when he didn't have a girlfriend.
LN has been all sports and scholastics so far.
She is very outgoing but cautious.
So not ready for her to take notice of guys yet.
Guess I'm going to have to keep her busier.
I'm slackin... 
In the barn I saw some mucous on the south end of the older nanny so the watch is on.
I have been getting up to check everyone at 3:30 am.
S checks about midnight or 1 am before he comes to bed.
Hopefully tonight we have some healthy kids.
Still hitting the gym.
Still sweating through every pore.
This better work.
So want a cheeseburger and a coke.
Can't and Won't but Wanna...


  1. Do you have electricity to the barn? Our kidding pen isn't that far so we run a 100' electrical cord out there from the garage & hook up a baby monitor a few days before expected kidding dates.

    1. What do you listen for? I'm nervous about the whole kidding process! I have the baby monitor but I don't know what you would be listening for, the baby or noises from the mama?

  2. I'd be freaking out too LOL... you will get through it though!

  3. I can't imagine my little one dating. My oldest has had a serious boyfriend for over a year, my middle is a serial dater she has a different boyfriend every month but once they start "going out" they quit talking LOL!, and my little one has boys that like her but she's afraid her daddy will get mad and when she does get a boyfriend he will be just like her daddy which is funny!
    Let us know about your new babies and good job working out, I don't know where you found the time, but could you send some my way ☺

  4. You may not be ready, but it's gonna happen! LN has been raised well and has a firm base under her so she'll do just fine. (I know, it's her mama we have to worry about!)

    Eager to see little baby goat pictures! No matter how many births you have on a homestead/farm, each one is a wonder.

    Hang in there on the fitness program. Sounds like you've got great momentum, determination and what it takes! Keep us up-to-date on how it's going.

  5. I'm glad I never had any children when it comes to stuff like this, ESPECIALLY girls! I'd be afraid they would all be like me! LOL!!
    Can't wait for some "baby" pictures! :)