Sunday, January 6, 2013

Soup Sunday

MamaPea @ A Home Grown Journal asked bloggers to post
soup receipies on Sundays.
Today I decided to make soup at 4:00pm.
I don't use receipies.
I wing it.
It's a Potatoe/Vegatable Chowder?

I cut up half of a large onion pretty fine and soften it in a maybe a tablespoon of butter in a stockpot.
 I chopped up 2 pieces of celery and added to the onions.
After allowing them to cook a few minutes I added 6 or 7 medium potatoes that were cubed.
I added water just to cover and put over medium heat and brought it to a boil.
I gently boiled it till potatoes softened.
I had part of a 5# bag of frozen veggies (corn, carrots, peas & beans) so I added a couple of handfuls
and stirred them in till it looked proportional ;] to this I added some chopped bacon.
After allowing veggies to gently boil about 8 or 10 min I added 1/2 pint of cream.
I turned heat to low so cream didn't boil but heated through a few minutes.
Done and Yum
No it was not on my "diet" plan with the cream and butter involved so I only ate a small bowl.
It was good.
I worked out yesterday and today at home.
Saturday I did 60min on inclined treadmill at a  fast enough walk I had to hold on.
Then I did my crunches.
Today I only did 30 min on treadmill but I did crunches and leglifts as well as
some bicep curls and dreaded pushups which I suck at.
I ate healthy except soup so I am pleased.
This is my clothes lines on New Years Eve day.
Got it all washed and put away!

Decorations and all!
Yea me!
I can see out the windows (at leaast through the dirt ).
Oh well that's for another time.


  1. Yay, yay, another soup recipe! And you did, indeed, provide us with a recipe. Thank you. It looks really, really good! As far as the cream and butter in the soup go, remember 1) you controlled your portion (which I've found goes a long, long way toward weight reduction), and 2) the human body NEEDS a certain amount of natural animal fat in order for all systems to process our food and function properly. That's why fat-free diets don't work!

    1. I could not go fat free. I also think people forget our bodies need salt as well. Bland food is the worse. You don't have to be excessive but seasoning is important.

  2. Mmmmm, soup! I love chowders, especially "impromptu" ones :)
    I wish I could say I exercised HALF of what you've done, but I'd be a big flabby liar!

    1. Gosh I want to cheat sooooo baddly! I try to keep reminding myself what I'm trying to do. It helps to give blood monthly where my blood pressure and tests for diabetes are done. I can't hide from the numbers.

  3. We have been eating a lot of soup too this winter. And of course, my laundry is drying outside this winter too.

    1. Soup is easy to throw into a thermos for my kid to chug on way to sport events or 4-H events. I dry on line year round or collapsible drying racks over heating vents to moisturize dry air in our house.

  4. That's exactly the way I make soup too! Recipes?!? We don' need no stinkin' recipes! :)
    I love hanging the clothes out to dry, it makes me feel frugal and Farmgirly!

    1. Recipies are for Babies! lol I wing it most of the time. Drying clothes outside saves money and clothes. They last so much longer.