Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1st time

This was LN's 1st time walking her new feeder calf.
R & I walked him a bit Monday but LN was in school.
He is 3 weeks old.
His name is Diablo or Brutus depending on who you ask.
Pictures speak for themselves but I warn you ahead of viewing you may pee your pants laughing.
at a DEAD run away from that halter strangling his head

trying to reason with him

maybe if I scratch his ears?

Nope that don't help!


let me try to set him up lol
come on your mommy is up there, let's go

Mom he won't go - Mom she won't let me alone


  1. Looks like there might be a little room for improvement. But, hey, ya gotta start somewhere! It will be fun to look back on these pictures when he's perfectly trained and does just as he's supposed to!

    1. She was laughing as he crow hopped down the field trying to get away. Her hoody cinched down tight made it funnier yet. Her bibs are now 6" too short adding to the look after her growth spurt from last year. Fun afternoon made my dismal spirits perk right up.

  2. Love that last picture and caption! LOL!!

    1. Stand off at it's finest. So funny I couldn't stop laughing.