Friday, February 8, 2013



My 1st born is 24 today.

She loves to show her shorthorns although she is personally shy and avoids the spot light.
She's darn pretty.

She can be very fun loving and spontaneous.

She 's a good older sister albeit a reluctant one.

She usually gets goofy with lil miss and they share similar taste in you-tubes and books.
Dumble Door, Ron Weesley?

She put herself through college with 1 semesters payment given my me.
She graduated on time despite semester off after crash that altered her life, health and personality.

She's a hardworker , just gets it done, no bitching, just muscle.

She's kinda in love with this cow.

She looks alot like me, has my body type and acts even closer.
God help her!

She helps out others without asking for praise.
I do believe she's a keeper.
Off to make her cake - Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake.
She rocks my world.


  1. Gosh, you two do really look a lot alike! (You're both beauties.) Sending happy birthday wishes to her. Twenty-four? I barely remember 24.

    1. I was childless at 24. No plans for kids either. Best things are surprises like my kids. All 3 are you kidding me surprises. I ve since quit drinking the water :)~

  2. My first thought was that she looks just like you!!!! None of my girls look like me, your lucky to have a mini you! Happy 24th Birthday to your daughter!

    1. Mini Me does describe her. We can finish each others sentences. Fun way to communicate sometimes. The other 2 have my dimples the only thing R is missing.

  3. She sure does look like her mom! :)
    Tell her happy birthday from me too!

    1. Being an adult now she had to work on her birthday but I hope to see her today. Cake is done and waiting.