Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Much

Not much happening here I don't think.
Usually if I start out with that phrase by the time I put everything down it seems like alot.
Sunday LN managed 5 hours of sewing .
2 little things need to be ripped and fixed, a dart that doesn't line up and a in-seam buttonhole size problem.
Sounds like won't be difficult and that's priceless.
Poncho is being pieced and should be finished next time around.
Pants will follow.
This weekend is 1st time heifers due date and I'm nervous.
We research the birth weighs of bulls we use but inevitably our shorthorn line has big calves.
Makes me nervous that I won't be around if there is an issue like last year with her sister's calf.
We managed to pull it but it took 4 of us helping in various places.
He survived and will be LN's steer this year.
Speaking of that we need a small dry spell to catch up on cattle washing and pen cleanings.
Yesterday S and I dehorned 3 kids.
We waited too long though and lil buggers didn't fit in box we use to hold them down.
I got a horn bud to the chin trying to control one of them.
We persevered and did it but will wait to see how successful in a few weeks if there is any re-growth.
It pays to adhere to dehorning at 10-14 days old for above reasons.
Friday R and I will band tails and sacks on lambs and ear tag them.
I need to check younger 3 ewes again and determine if they were bred.
LN's week so far and to go looks like this:
Monday night- indoor soccer game, she scored 4 out of 6 or 7 total goals
easy team , easy victory but still good deal
Tuesday- walk to and clean Mommom's house after school, no biggie
Wednesday- stay after school for honor society meeting, help shop for food for quarter auction after
Thursday - stay after for wrestling awards and test re-take, at home bake cake layers for contest
Friday- quarter auction, help set-up and work food booth with me, clean-up after
Saturday- finish cake, icing and decorating, have R come get her to be at contest with it by 10:30 till 2:30, doing foods judging while there and helping others as part of leadership,
I have to work till noon at store then go to contest at noon,
at 2:30 drive like bat out of hell for Phila. Union Soccer home opener at 4 pm
Sunday- soccer pract. 10-12, come home and pass out
I am tired already.


  1. I'm tired just reading all you have to do! I think it's great that LN is sewing complete outfits and baking cakes! You should be proud mama!!!

    1. With 2 older sibs it was worse with different sports and directions. You manage as a parent somehow. Someday I'll miss this.

  2. I'd be proud to have your daughter! What skills & attitude :)

    I always worry about the possibility of large kids. I can't imagine how difficult it is to pull a large CALF!

    1. The calf last yr my husband and son in law were on hooves pulling with chains while I helped massage the opening wider where the head was trying to come out and daughter R was laying on Momma's head so she d stay down and calmer. SIL and husband lifted calf by back legs and smacked him around letting gravity clean out his lungs and then rubbed him good to get everything flowing. Mom and baby were a few hrs getting up and letting us feel confident about survival.

  3. Just make sure you take good enough care of YOURSELF so that you can do all you need to do safely . . . like driving back and forth to everything. Okay?

    1. I'm trying MamaPea. I keep reminding myself its only for a little while. Once grown even when they visit regular it is not the same. I'm trying to enjoy her life while I can.

  4. Not MUCH?!? You crack me up!! :)
    Hope all goes well with calving and running to and fro!

    1. Candy C. we mommas live to run around don't we. Seems like it never ends but all too soon it will and then I'll be sad.