Sunday, February 24, 2013


Oops sorry it's been a while but stuff happens.
LN chose her pattern and material for her outfit due April 8th.
Houndstooth black and grey wool poncho and skinny leg black wool pants.
She'll wear grey boots with pants tucked in and red turtleneck , sleeves from elbows down will show through armholes providing only pop of color.
Should look pretty cool for sassy girl.
Pattern was pinned and cut for poncho.

Interfacing was handsewed on parts.

Darts were sewn.
Rest of pieces were prepped and started.
2nd day of sewing was today, progress is visible but not documented.
Sorry Charlie.
Field Hockey playoffs were played.
LN defended, coach apologized saying "your the one I trust back there", even stepping off court.
Legal as long as her stick stays in.

She frustrated this girl quite a few times.

She flew!
One of her favorite things to do.
 Girls "flies" from corner on penalty trying to beat opponent who has been served the ball.
On LN's team defending the corner shot 4 girls lined up , the one closest to goal gets to fly 1st.
LN 's job is to get there 1st and do a  1 handed block or mess up opponents shot.
They played 2 out of 3 possible games , losing 2nd in last few minutes.
Not bad for team with only 2 players with indoor FH experience and a few 1st time FH players at all.
This coming week is busy too.
Friday is 4-H exchange quarter auction. I am in charge of food booth.
Sometime maybe thursday a cake needs to be at least baked or at 0-dark thirty Saturday morning.
Icing can be arranged for early morning completion.
Saturday begins with 4-H Favorite Foods cooking contest and foods judging contest.
Saturday is also Philadelphia Union opening home game, we have tickets ;]
Honor society meeting, wrestling banquet, indoor soccer game, re test in language arts after school, etc, etc all have to be completed on week nights also.
Help me please!!!!!


  1. Whew! I'm tired just reading all this! Can't wait to see LN's completed outfit, it does sound snazzy! :)

    1. LOL and I wonder why I am ALWAYS tired. She s a good kid and I've already did this with older 2 at same time so actually I should feel lucky.