Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Stuff

I'm heading out with LN this morning to a friends' house.
A has been LN's sewing mentor and guide for competition clothing for 2 years and this will begin her 3rd year and outfit.
A has 2 small children, 1 is 7 months and other is 18 months I believe.
Hoping to babysit some!
I love kids.
Today will be decision making hence all the wool material options.
LN wants to make a poncho, skinny leg pants and top of some sort.

Two possible options for poncho.
Crap picture I don't know why, it looked good on picasso and in camera?
Both were bought at an auction in large box of other wools for $2.00.
Like the price involved.

Brown tweed has flecks of orange, gold, yellow and green so lots of options
for complimentary fabric choices.

In other news I showed LN how to knit for few minutes and she took to it .
Knit herself a scarf she loves.
She had me rip apart the black and white variegated one like this.
She said it was too heavy, long and wide.
We will make 2 scarves out of the yarn this time, a bit narrower also.
Kids you just can't please them.
Her indoor field hockey team finished regular games in 2nd with only 1 loss.
Next weekend will be playoffs to championship.
Team has to play and win to advance.
No pressure though.
Tomorrow R has 2 wisdom tooth being extracted so I will be her chauffeur and nurse.
Maybe I'll make dinner for her husband and her while she whines rests.
It stinks to have procedure but is necessary.
I'll take my kindle, R loves to play on it.
Anything to numb the effects as she recovers.


  1. I think it's just great that LN's interest in sewing keeps going on and on. I classify being able to sew as one of life's skills! Talk about being a well-round young gal . . . she's extremely athletic, has a way with animals and can create with her hands. I wouldn't worry too much about her, Mom!

    I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted at once and had an easy recovery period. Of course, that was a million years ago when I was the tender age of 20 and perhaps healed faster than I would now! Good luck with R and the day tomorrow.

  2. Love that tweedy material, very pretty! I agree with Mama Pea, good for LN for being interested in (and good at) so many different things!
    Hope the trip to the dentist goes smoothly.

    1. R is a baby about dentist and or needles. She is fine and healed quickly thank goodness.