Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

On this superbowl Sunday LN & I decided to start cakes for 4-H favorite foods.
She has to decide and choose entry by 15th.
She made a Lemon Raspberry Cake to begin.
3 layers but very thin ones with raspberry jam and buttercream frosting between.
I put lasagna in crockpot and we'll take both to neighbors for the big game.
A group shows so she'll get some feedback on cake.
I don't think it'll work out.
The buttercream icing wasn't very spreadable after adding lemon juice at the end.
This recipe was adapted from a European site so the measurements were fun NOT.
We'll see how the group react.
There is a chocolate cake waiting to be tested as well this week.
Saturday was a indoor field hockey game against what we were told was toughest team.
LN's team won 6-3 so that was a relief.
I think the tougher team will be her 4--H friends on another team in 2 weeks.
That's 5'7" LN bend over like a crab walker.
She hurts my back just watching.

Get low girl!
I tried to take some pictures of the birds feeding after it snowed again Friday morning.
I didn't have the patience so most didn't turn out.
I liked the architecture of this one though.
I gave up and took this through the living room window.



  1. Well, the Lemon Raspberry Cake SOUNDS really good to me! You'll have to be sure to let us know how the critique of it turned out.

  2. Lemon raspberry cake, chocolate cake and Lasagna? Ewe is going to have to hit the gym extra hard this week Lisa. I gained three pounds thinking about it!