Monday, April 22, 2013

With a BANG...

Long time no post but I'm back with a BANG!
Just wait , you'll see.
It's not good.
For starters I came down with the flu about 10 days ago.
High fevers that are sporadic, heavy congestion and coughing, chills, etc.
I self diagnosed and went to bed...
for a WEEK just about.
I didn't go to gym at all last week and only did minimal work.
LN had a busy week and I stumbled through her things then collapsed.
Today was the best yet although a persistent, chest hurting cough is still here.
I went back to the gym and was week as a kitten during it but I went.
So now for the "fun" stuff.
Friday night as I was driving LN home in the driving monsoon after her travel practice 
about 9:30 pm S called.
I answered and S says "help".
He had a flat tire on a tire bought April 4th.
He was a few miles from home and was leaving it till Saturday morning to fix in the daylight.
LN & I detoured after going to pharmacy for my MIL's prescription
which was not ready but I digress.
We picked S up who had his Moms' groceries, delivered them and went home.
Another hour goes by so it's been 1 1/2 to 2 hours since he called me now remember.
The phone rings and the homeowner at the house where he parked his truck calls to say...
wait for it
"Your truck is on fire".
I kid you not.
S thinks he's lying but no he was not.
We have no idea why it caught fire either.
The insurance adjuster will be here to check it out and hopefully we'll have a clue after that.

S went over after the call to see how bad and told me "oh not much more than electrical burnt".
Wrong Jack
I'm guessing it's totaled.
I didn't need this.
We use that truck in the business daily.
The fire company responded to the fire and smashed both windows but missed 1st and hit the door.
Looks like a bullet hole?
Overly cautious they broke both windows out so glass is everywhere.
I cant clean it up till investigator shows up.
We cant get new truck till insurance decides what's up.
So we wait.
Impatiently but still waiting...
Great start to weekend and this week.
I know I've heard, God only gives up what we can handle.
I must be strong as h*ll. 


  1. Oh, my. When it rains, . . . you come down with near-pneumonia, your new truck tire blows out and then your truck commits suicide by fire. Oh, my.

    You need a break! Like another week in bed. Which I know you can't take. Sending wishes for a turn-around in your luck and all of this bad stuff disappearing. Geesh.

    1. Oh my goodness you made me laugh so hard reading your comment MamaPea. Yes the truck did commit suicide. Why else would it have caught fire but to make me crazy? Thanks for the laugh I needed that.

  2. Big {{HUGS}} to you!!
    I hope they get the truck situation handled promptly!