Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bummer Dude

I said I would try to update regular so here ya go...
LN is enjoying Spain.
They are at the tournament site in San Sebastian and she says it's beautiful.
She is over feeling sick so is enjoying herself .
I am plugging away here with animals, heat and humidity.
I am going through my mid-life crisis and don't wanna explain much more.
I need to figure out how much I have left.
My limit is approaching.
Yes it takes work but at the cost of my happiness and sanity?
I wonder.
I turned the big 50 on a few weeks ago.
Of my family, my sister called, R & Z texted me as I was in NC with LN at soccer camp.
No one else acknowledged it.
That says something about my worth to people.
I don't want pity , I'm stating a fact.
It puts things into perspective.
Am I invisible?
If so I should be happy alone, correct?
I do prefer solitude and quiet.
I don't have it.
I have a lot of can you... and will you... thrown at me each day.
Is that all I am to you?
I wonder.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Wow, where to start?
With something stinky I believe.
A white skunk has been annoying us for a few weeks now.
S has glimpsed him once but couldn't get a shot off.
Otherwise he just comes around each night after dark spreading his aroma.
The dog has again played with him so has been outside for over a month.
S will not wash him even though he's his dog.
Next, we've experienced more rain than normal.
My house sits on high ground but those around us are flooded.
The garden is a bust as its so wet we can't rototill but weeds are flourishing.
I never got more than halfway through the planting and am not sure I will continue at this point.
I may do fall planting in august but not much else.
The hot, humid weather as hit with a vengeance.
Temps are in 90's and humidity is awful.
LN has hosted a girl from Idaho this past week and it's been so hot.
We went to Washington DC last week with her and it was horrible.
We toured the monuments early to miss the afternoon heat then went into the air conditioned museums to finish the day out but it was so hot in general it was not enjoyable.
We also went to 6 flags amusement park which was another scorcher.
The kids managed to keep cooer in the water park while us adults watched bags in the shade.
I bought a subway 6" for lunch at $8.00 for just 6".
Crazy prices for sure, but people kept shelling it out.
LN bought a $10.00 drink that was free refills so we "shared " it all day.
Best bargain there.
LN left Thursday for Spain arriving Friday morning.
She was sick, I believe jetlag symptoms, on Friday.
This morning she said she felt better and played a friendly game against 17/18 yr old girls.
LN's team is 13/14 yr old.
They won 1-0 so she was pumped when she texted me.
She seems to be adjusting and having fun so I feel relieved.
I am taking care of all her fair animals and our breeding animals as well as getting ready for fair.
LN has had a whirlwind summer so far and it's not over yet.
I am keeping it together as best I can and will sleep when I'm dead as they say.
I'll make an effort to post more than once a month from now on.
Oh the thoughts swirling in my head, if you only knew...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Words

She s Leaving

I'm at the Philadelphia airport waiting to put my kid on a jet plane to Atlanta where she meet part of her group and fly to Madrid Spain to start her soccer trip. I'm nervous , I'm sick to my stomache. She threw up as we pulled into parking garage here but now seems fine as you can see. It took my calling a senator at 9 pm 2 days ago and him calling a congressman to get her passport but it happened. Ups delivered it at 5 pm last night and we left at 7 am for airport. The bank sold me a prepaid credit card they recommended she use. Guess what? It's not active but discontinued. This I found out at 10 pm last night obviously after the bank closed. I am thinking positive thoughts about this trip but.... I will post more as I worry more :-/