Thursday, June 27, 2013

She s Leaving

I'm at the Philadelphia airport waiting to put my kid on a jet plane to Atlanta where she meet part of her group and fly to Madrid Spain to start her soccer trip. I'm nervous , I'm sick to my stomache. She threw up as we pulled into parking garage here but now seems fine as you can see. It took my calling a senator at 9 pm 2 days ago and him calling a congressman to get her passport but it happened. Ups delivered it at 5 pm last night and we left at 7 am for airport. The bank sold me a prepaid credit card they recommended she use. Guess what? It's not active but discontinued. This I found out at 10 pm last night obviously after the bank closed. I am thinking positive thoughts about this trip but.... I will post more as I worry more :-/


  1. I hope everything went okay and I LOVE the pictures on your next post!! :)

    1. She's off and playing. I'm dealing as well as possible.