Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It's raining AGAIN!
I know not to complain so I'm not really just observing.
The animal pens are so nasty.
I'm feeding the arena cows in bogs and about to run out of space up the calf, yikes.
Today we moved the camper up near the house electric so the cleaning can begin.
I paid someone to house it inside their shed for the winter.
Someone piled a stack of seed corn near it.
Mice overran the camper.
Nasty, disgusting, gross, ewww, yuck...
I need to power everything and make sure they haven't chewed any electric or water lines.
Fun stuff as it goes to fairgrounds on the 12th.
Crazy times
I weighed her market lambs this morning, 110# and 101#.
Definitely look bigger but still gaining so all good.
Steer not so much, he's picking apart his grain.
I've tried extra molasses, water, oil, fat anything I can think of.
I have started him on calf grower and it's marginally better but annoying nonetheless.
LN's fair projects for the 4-H building are a bust.
She's not here and will only have a week when she's back to complete as much as possible
along with being a day camp counselor each day, packing for fair,
going to field hockey and soccer practices, etc.
What gets done will be what gets done.

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