Friday, September 13, 2013

Checking In

Checking in...
a lot of 4-H, soccer and field hockey games right now
spread thin
LN's doing well on each team.
She's back to center defender with her new soccer coach.
She's hoping they get ahead enough in a game this season he'll put her up top
to try to score.
She made the JV field hockey team as the only 9th grade starter so she was pleased.
She has to prove her spot for each away game as the team only has so much bus room for JV.
She's tough but sick now with this flu bug making it's rounds.
I had it the beginning of the week and passed it to her.
The weather finally broke last night.
The next week looks like low 70's with no humidity.
I may get something done around here.
I can not find the garden ...errr weed patch I mean.

Been walking the calf LN is keeping as her steer for next year.
He still needs banded and weaned.

Getting this calf ready to sell as soon as I band him and wean him also.
I'll do both weanings together so they can bawl together and sell him after that drama eases.
Anyone need a registerable shorthorn bull or steer?


  1. Sounds as though you're still right in the thick of things with more tasks to do and places to be than one person can handle. At least the days don't drag by, right? :o)

    1. The days fly too fast MamaPea. I realize life is passing me by while I raise my last but I wouldn't change it for anything. My time will come I keep hoping ;]