Sunday, September 1, 2013


Today we did a little of this...

And this...

LN helped cause she is a SuperGirl!

Actually her and I filled the hay ring with 30 wetter bales for the cows. We know how to organize and stuff em in there ! Some local Amish boys helped put the rest away. We put about 400 bales in the loft with another 50 kept out for cows. This humidity is wrecking havoc with our hay this year. 
Funny thing... Have you heard about the new invention? The Amish telephone? One of the teenagers left it in my truck while unloading. I may have had to take a few pictures for him to find later. maybe....


  1. Amish telephone? Oh, my. Things they are a'changin'!

    1. Teenager Amish have cell phones on the sly. It is not allowed by their church. They hide cameras, radios , etc. It's part of their rebellious stage.