Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Win

LN's travel soccer team finally won a game.
She's been working on sending her goal and penalty kicks further and higher.
This means she comes off the ground after the team and looks like a deranged ballerina or a flyer.

It's working so that is all that matters.
After the game and feeding the "monster" brunch we hurried off to 4-H to finish our litter barrel.
LN's theme for our club barrel is...
Get Sweet, Be Neat with 4-H
Each ice cream cone contains a project name and either a clover or 4-H.
I hope the judges understand how much time it took.
Me and LN spend 5 hrs just this weekend finishing it up and a few hrs before getting everyone started
on the basic outlines.
LN did the details and generally cleaned up the messier areas.
I did wonder if some of the kids helping flunked kindergarten as they don't stay in the lines at all.

It is Hades Hot here.
Indian summer be damned!
The tropical storm running up the east coast should blow cooler air through on Tuesday.
I'm so ready.
I wish it would bring rain as well.
It is a dust bowl here, every time the cows take a step dust flies.
I figured after our wet spring and summer this would happen.
I should be going to Sam's Club for bigger food run but I don't wanna!
So I think I'll catch up on my favorite blogs instead.


  1. Your dear daughter seems to put her heart and soul into everything she does. (But I know you're right there supporting and helping her!)

    We've had plenty of rain lately so I'll do my best to send some of it your way!

  2. Lisa,

    Oh, I hope the judges really look good at your daughters project, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and wishing her luck!