Thursday, October 10, 2013

Catch-up ....

A rainy, windy day in Delaware.
Perfect for a cup of tea and catching-up on blog readings.
I need to purge my list.
Some I began to follow are not my style anymore.
Most are too commercial and I am not interested.
I believe I followed them for a specific post and should have investigated a bit 1st.
The "hurricane/tropical storm" has dropped out temps into the 50's.
It's bringing rain that we badly needed and soft enough to soak in.
A few places on the shore, about half hour away are flooding as the tide rolls in but these are regular occurrences for these spots.
All and all it's just been rainy.
LN has had her practices cancelled 2x this week from the rain and I fully expect the same today.
Tomorrow after her practice me and her leave for PA for a weekend soccer tournament.
Hopefully it is a dry one Sat and Sun.
Cold and windy I can deal but rainy makes for dangerous field conditions.
I prefer my kid healthy.
She plays hard and likes to play in the rain because others go soft and she can be a beast to them.
It's a LN thing.
You have to understand my "Tough Sports Chick" is a softy off the field.
She runs crying if any animal shows or sounds in pain even from birthing.
We know she won't hold goats for dehorning because it hurts her more than the kids.
Being the youngest of 5 with a 10 yr gap between her and next oldest  she's had to tough up to compete physically because the other 4 are brutes and never cut her any slack.
 Mentally she is a sweetheart though.
I always have to laugh when another parent or opponent comments on her "meaness".
She's just my kid.
Time for more tea..... 

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