Sunday, October 13, 2013

Change of Plans

So in the spirit of NOT losing my temper I went with the flow....
Friday LN and I were to leave for PA for a soccer tournament.
My motel cancellation policy ended at noon on Friday. 
They emailed us that the tournament was cancelled at 12:06. 
Seriously people?
So I could lose my temper or go with the flow.
Me and my kid chose flow!
We went anyhow and goofed off .
We toured a cavern, shopped and ate.
LN got to see the scenery of where I spent my teenage years.
Here is some of the foolishness...

This was the sitting area inside the women's restroom. She sat there for 20 min. watching ladies react to her.


  1. What a great way of handling the lemons you were handed . . . going to PA anyway and having some great mother/daughter time. Not sure I would actually have thought of doing that under the circumstances. (That doesn't say much for my flexibility and ability to go with the flow, does it? Hmmm, I guess that proves a person is never too old to improve his/her outlook on life. Example taken and filed away!)

  2. Glad you went anyway. That is exactly what my kids would do (sitting room). Ha ha!