Thursday, October 24, 2013


Life is rolling along...
* still going to gym (without a trainer now) at least 4-5days a week
no loss of weight, grrrr but still trying
*layers going thru a molt so no eggs but ordered 10 new RI chicks and
15 meat birds, they have been here 2 weeks now
*cooking more fall comfort foods in the crockpot
*freezing but refusing to turn on the heat yet
*last game of LN's jv field hockey season, 11W- 1tie- 1L so not bad girls
*had vet come out for calf that we banded but sack was not falling off completely and infection set in
while she was here she offered to dehorn another calf last , bloody massacre
both healing now but it was a nasty weekend working on them
*need to pick up the ewes from the breeder, they are marked with no new activity as of Sept 29th
*reading tons sometimes more than I should but better than other things to be addicted to
*had DE MIWW contest, LN headed to Nationals in SC in late Jan
*seriously bored with this post, ho-hum
Night All

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  1. Still going to the gym 4-5 days a week? Wow! You have my admiration. I've never stuck to any exercise program for as long as you have to yours. Kudos, kudos, kudos!!