Saturday, November 23, 2013

Not Dead

Seriously I am Not Dead...
just busy with life and personal issues.
I thought I'd use this blog as a vent hole for my life, sorta a diary.
Wrong-O... not if I can't be honest because I may hurt peoples feelings.
So I go MIA till I get in a more positive space.
I've been busy finishing up the field hockey season and travel season with LN.
4-H is taking off with meetings and projects.
Animals are all back from breeders or in the AI process here at home.
My state MIWW has been completed.
Now I realize something called Thanksgiving is upon us!
When did that happen?
My house is a wreck but the turkey is ordered.
Pies need made.
Paperwork needs completed for business and personal.
Travel plans need completed for S's trip to see his son in Vegas in a few weeks
as well as my and LN's trip to Charleston, SC the end of January for NMIWW contest.
I just wanna sleep FOREVER....
Been tested and there is nothing medically wrong with me.
I am just tired and have always been so my whole life.
I get done what needs done and plow through but I am tired.
Her 4-H club packed 300 Make a Difference Day packets for the hospitals
 to distribute to youth and adult patients. 

Field Hockey banquet, my kid always has to be the one cracking up.

Cleaning pens with LN wearing multiple shirts as well as fleece lined jeans is so not attractive on me.

This little girl was so sure she could get past LN .
I had to give her credit for trying so hard.

It's always fun when we clean pens.
LN is so serious about it.


  1. Good to see a post from you and hear you're not dead! You deserve to be tired with the schedule you keep, your animals, your family and all the rest of the day-after-day stuff you do.

    I, too, have been feeling like I really, really need more sleep lately. I think it has something to do with the lack of daylight now. But you're a smart enough cookie to know that emotions can take more out of you than even hard physical work can so don't discount that.

    Love LN's braids! Your working clothes of several layers don't compare to mine. We had only 4° this morning at 5 a.m. and anymore when I'm dressed to go outside I look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. But I've gotten over trying to look good and now just go for staying warm. ;o}

  2. No wonder you are tired! Yikes!!

  3. That last photo made me laugh. You do look very active, so stay healthy too. So sorry you are feeling tired.