Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was asleep by 9 pm last night.
If there were fireworks I never heard them.
I was up at 6:00am to eat, read and head to the gym by 7:30.
Normally I'd estimate there are 30 or more vehicles lined up in front of the gym.
This morning there were 4.
2 employees and 2 clients? or customers?
I got the front row and had my choice of machines as well.
So excited... NOT
But I did go and beat my legs up some more.
Oh how fun to have sore muscles.
It's a sign I'm doing something right.
I still need major help with food choices.
My weaknesses are "white" foods like potatoes and pasta and cheese and ...
You get the idea but I am trying.
After coming home from the gym ,making my smoothie showering and watching a movie with LN
we unloaded a trailer and truck full of straw.
We live such an exciting life.
We did go to the steakhouse for late lunch.
S had a free appetizer coupon, woo hoo!
He ordered a fried onion of which I did not partake.
I didn't eat the bread or order potatoes instead I chose broccoli and a salad undressed.
It was still filling and good.
Day 1 was a success so far ;-}
I do have some Christmas cookies left though that may go to waste.
You know about the starving pygmies, right???

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