Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day...

5 in of snow fell over night here in DE.
Of course it's a major blizzard to the flatlanders residing here.
The wind is a kicker though, causing drifts blocking roadways in areas.
The state offices and schools are closed and we've only had 2 customers DUMB  brave enough to plow through the drifts in our driveway and road.
LN's steers are running and playing in it.

The heavy steel table my Dad left with me when he moved years ago is a giant flip toy
for all bovines that inhabit this lot.
Much fun is had flipping it over daily and watching me flip it back upright.
You may wonder why I don't move it elsewhere?
I have nowhere to put it but I may haul it to my garden as the wooden one I use is rotting.
It's overkill on size and strength but at least it will get some use other than as a toy.

The Nandina bush is weighted down.
The birds love eating the berries.

S put out seed but the wind is limiting the birds.
Most are  hunkered down in the trees and fencerows waiting out the wind.

My MIL's car is drifted but since we don't need it S just started and moved his truck around.
He's one of those who does not clean off the snow and only clears a tiny hole to see through.
It drives me crazy, so unsafe.
Doubtful he's going anywhere today though.
LN is keeping herself busy making sugar cookies that were not baked at Christmas time.


This is an accomplishment for a kid who was terrified of the stove/oven for years.
I left her to it with little advice.
She's got this.
I'm sure wild icing will decorate them soon enough.

Goose just hopes someone will drop something, anything so he gets a snack.

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  1. Goose does look underfed and like he could use a snack. (A frosted sugar cookie, please.)

    We're in the midst of a blizzard. Heavy snow and lots of wind since 9 a.m. this morning. The governor has closed all schools for Monday because the temp is only supposed to reach -20 to -15. Is this a winter we're all having or what? Stay safe and warm. Try to stay home if you can. We are!