Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yeah... It's that COLD....

Yeah, it's just that cold today.
When I collected all 3 eggs this morning about 9:30am they were frozen solid.
I went out there yesterday about the same time and had no eggs.
I figured it was just too darn cold so I wasn't worried.
My 8 layers have been pretty consistent with 6 to 8 eggs a day. 

LN tried to smash one against a tree.
It popped back at her without a scratch.
The things that amuse when it's cold.
I broke the threaded cap on the steers water trough.
That is not good at all.
I am an idiot and should have left it alone but I was frustrated with the full 8in of ice in the trough.
I should have put the heater in before this but honestly I forgot.
The outside troughs have all been turned on with heaters.
Since the inside steer trough hasn't froze yet I forgot about it.
Lesson learned.
LN put a muck bucket of water to them.
I'll wait (like I should have) for the ice to thaw around the cap and then remove it.
I have a heater to install.
Patience is NOT my strong suit.
I just lose my temper in 10 seconds when I realize I'm alone but not if you get my drift.
Stay warm everyone!


  1. I think many of us have had eggs like that recently! It's not good here because we're getting only 1-2 eggs a day . . . if we're lucky. For some reason (!), the chickens don't seem to like this frigid weather and are showing us how they feel about it. :o(

    1. I should check at least 2x a day but baby it was so cold outside I wondering the eggs froze inside the hens?