Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another weekend...

Another one for the books, in the bag...
Friday night and Saturday night LN and I made the 70 mi round trip to her sewing mentors house. We spent another 3 1/2 hrs Friday and 5 hrs Saturday sewing. LN got her coat body sewn and attached lining sewn together and began to attach it. LN and A added extras like a coordinating men's tie as a seperator of the coat and lining. They also brainstormed some trim details to pull the  dress colors into the dark blue of the coat. The coat wool is lightweight so a good choice for spring or fall wearing. The heavier lining adds stability so it ll lay nicely. There is so much left to do. We ll hike back over Saturday afternoon for another go round. There is a bunch of hand sewing as homework before Saturday comes back around.
Otherwise LN  and I cleaned sheep, steer and pig pens and fill water, weighed steers, changed mats around in steer pen and played with pigs . I worked the Saturday crowd at our feed store alone so S could go to an auction .
A little retail therapy was achieved of necessity . LN needed earrings and a necklace as well as shoes for her outfit. All were found at a reasonable price or on sale. She also is required to dress up on days her team has away games. With her growing taller this requires more dresses that fit the dress code in her school .
She also seems to be going through a spurt so the dress she made which was looser in the thigh/hip area is a little snugger than 2 weeks ago. This does not please her at all. She s decided to change her diet around and work a little harder at practice. Less Doritos and more apples and celery. Not best time for mama nature to bless her with growth spurt . We ll deal but frustrating. This dress has to fit her in April for 4-h and October for MIWW and if necessary January of 2015. There is no extra fabric to let out .Yikes....


  1. You and LN have an enviable mother-daughter relationship. Let's hope it continues throughout your lives!

    1. Thank you all 3 of my kids have different relationships w me. Each is good in a unique way if that makes sense.