Monday, March 3, 2014

Given a choice....

Given a choice of sleeping inside where it's dry and warmer or
outside in the freezing rain then turned snow,
where do you think the steers chose?

That is snow imbedded in an inch of ice that fell before snow began.
The major accumulation is to occur today.
I think....
I'm going to sew a clothes pin bag (mine disintegrated yesterday) and
 maybe start a small quilt for a new baby (actually born in early Dec).

A few nights ago when I tried to go to bed I found this.
LN felt the need to dump 3 loads of laundry needing folded on my bed.
It only took a few minutes to fold but I was tired.
LN was asleep, snoring.
 I checked when I found this "present".
She told me the next morning she did it before supper thinking she'd help me fold as we watched TV before bed as me and her do sometimes.
However we didn't go upstairs till bed and so..........
Gotta love my kids sometimes, sometimes not.
Yep, I went there.


  1. LOL! LN is a crack up! My middle girl likes to "do" her own loads of laundry. Which means mamma needs to get hers put up RIGHT NOW! ANNOYING!!!

    1. Kelly, LN cracks me up too just not at bedtime when I'm tired. Lil butt made it up to me the next morning . Kids always keep it real for us don't they?

  2. Your steers look like they've been frosted. Maybe with a little powdered sugar dusting thrown on.

    Hmmmm, if I had been you when discovering the laundry piled on my bed, LN might have woken up in the morning with the same pile on her bed. On her! (But I'm not nearly as nice -- or accommodating -- as you!)

    1. That was my thought too MamaPea. However LN doesn't wake up easily. Trust me she paid for it the next morning, hehehehe. She won't do that again.

  3. Our buck goat does the same thing. He has a cozy goat-hut, but refuses to go in it, even in the evil-all-goats-hate-RAIN. Moron. He's a complete moron.

    1. Animals are morons or maybe us owners are. I'm not sure which Carolyn.